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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Youtube Creators and where we stand as fans


Recently, there's been a lot of uproar in the YouTube community. For anyone who hasn't heard about it, both Tom Milsom and Alex Day have been accused of sexually abusing teenage fans. Before anyone says anything, I AM NOT A VICTIM. The only YouTuber I've ever met is Sam King (samkingftw) and I met him in my local shopping center, with a friend and he was lovely. This post is simply just addressing the recent issue and my take on it.

I had no idea who Tom Milsom was, but I do know who Alex Day is. In fact, he was one of the first YouTubers I watched and got into. It was extremely disappointing to hear about what he's done. I believe that with putting yourself in the spotlight like that, knowing you're going to be being admired by thousands of young girls, comes a responsibility and a privilege. What both Alex Day and Tom Milsom have done is abused that privilege. Their audience could have belonged to someone else (possibly should have belonged to someone else) and what they've done is sick. I feel great sympathy towards everyone who was a victim of their actions and hope they face a consequence.

What about the viewers?
I am attending Summer in the City this year with a group of friends and Tom Milsom was due to attend, but has been taken off the guest list. Luckily, I am fairly mature (when it comes to certain things, not all) and would know not to give my phone number to my favorite YouTuber, especially since these allegations have been made. However, last year I didn't manage to get tickets to Summer in the City, despite wanting to go desperately and I really wanted to meet Danisnotonfire. I was quite literally obsessed with him and so was one of my good friends. We would pretty much watch all of his videos again and again everyday, quote him all of the time and be completely and utterly fangirly over him. I know that last year, only being a year younger than I am now, if I had met him and he'd asked for my phone number, I would have given it to him. I know now that would have been extremely stupid, but then, he could do no wrong in my eyes and he was just so utterly perfect that I would have given it to him without even thinking.

What I'm trying to say is, these girls who are victims aren't remotely at fault for letting these men get hold of their details, they would just be obsessive fans who simply dream of being with the significant YouTuber and wouldn't even consider them doing anything that they wouldn't want. I'm sure looking back now, they realize their mistakes and would go back, but just as a warning, seriously don't give away personal details to people you don't really know. This leads me onto my last point which is you may think you know the YouTuber, but you really don't. Having a person sit infront of a camera, talking about their lives, giving us their face, their name, their age and other details about them may make us think we know everything about them, but we don't. We're always warned about people on the internet, but with YouTubers, it sort of just goes out of the window. We wouldn't like them if the told us they were a pedophile, so they just wouldn't say it. It's remarkably easy to hide things from your audience if you don't want them to know. They may be exactly like they are in their videos, but you can never be sure, so don't take the risk and if you do find your self in an uncomfortable situation with anyone, whether it be a YouTuber or not, tell someone- your parents, carers, friends, teachers or even the police. Don't let it go on.

Just some food for thought....

Enjoy the blog and stuff


Saturday, 22 February 2014

February Favorites

1. Miss Manga Mascara by L'Oreal Paris- £8.99

Along with my weakness towards lipsticks that I will never wear, I also have a weakness when it comes to mascara. Luckily, I do use mascara on a daily basis so having plenty isn't a bad thing...I think! After Christmas when I had a bit more money in my purse, I treated myself to a Benefit They're Real Mascara which is a whopping £19.50 a pop and for that money, you don't get very much mascara. Seeing as the next time I'll have a decent amount of money is November, in an attempt to keep it going for as long as I can, I realised that I needed to buy another mascara, just to have one on the side. 

As I was browsing through boots for a decent mascara with a reasonable price, I headed over to the L'Oreal counter to look at the telescopic lash mascaras, but instead was drawn to a new mascara that they were promoting. I am a massive fan of the Japanese manga and anime (death note is my favorite!) and I also obsess over my lashes looking big and full, which the Japanese manga characters achieve perfectly. As it was on offer for £5.99, I thought why not and bought it.

At first I was a bit apprehensive about it as I strongly prefer plastic applicators (such as the benefit they're real) and the fibre brushes don't work as well for me. However, after trying this, it was really great. It gave a really full voluminous look to my lashes and the bendy wand meant it was easy to catch the outside lashes. It does clump very easily though, so one coat is perfect.

2. Clean on me shower gel by Soap and Glory- £6

I received this for Christmas in a gift set along with the scrub and other soap and glory goodies. I was very excited to try this because I've longingly gazed at Soap & Glory products for so long and never have bought any! After trying this first time, I didn't really like the smell as it was a bit sweet as i swear by the body shop strawberry shower gel and the dirty works shower gel (which smells of almonds) so the regular 'pink' scent was very overwhelming, but since then I have absolutely loved it!

I use it all the time and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and smelling gorgeous all day long. The texture is also really nice. Its not too runny or too creamy, its nicely in the middle and gives a smooth application. I've also been using it now for over a month and its still very full, so its excellent value for money!

3. Penultimate liner- Mac- £17

My staple eye is a thick coat of mascara of my top and bottom lashes and a winged eyeliner flick. After discovering that I get on much better with a pen pointed liquid liner that a pot of liquid with a brush, I used the maybelline precision liner, but after looking on the website, it had been discontinued. 

I then had to find another one on the market that did a decent job and Mac seemed to have answer. Granted, it was not a cheap answer, but it's brilliant. For something that I use everyday, it isn't too bad a price. I wouldn't buy it over and over again, but as a special treat, it is worth it.

I love using it as it's just so simple to get a great effect. It stays in place even when i rub it or my eyes water, which I always have happen to me pretty much all year round! If you're looking for a good quality, easy to use liquid liner, the penultimate liner is perfect.

4. Fix and Protect Pro Primer by Rimmel London- £6.99

I realised it was time for a primer when my concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection- love it!) kept slipping down my face after 2 minutes of wearing. My pores were also looking depressingly big and no ammount of cold water could close them down. I initially looked at the benefit pore-fessional primer, but decided against it as £25 could be spent in many other ways than on a primer.

I was picking up a Stay Matte Powder when I saw the primer beside it, which I hadn't really noticed before. I gave it a look, saw it was on offer and bought it, thinking if it didn't work, I'd only payed £4. But it does work and produces miracles- trust me. I love using this because my skin just feels so soft and my pores are almost invisible. I will definitely keep re buying this unless benefit suddenly drop their prices dramatically.

5. Au Naturel Palette by Sleek- £7.99

I had this on my Christmas list and when I opened it in my stocking, I was super excited as I'd heard good reviews about it from many blogs and videos on YouTube and I have to say, it didn't disappoint. I'm not a massive eye shadow wearer as I'm always scared it'll look horrific or it'll go wrong in the middle of the day and I also don't have very many great eyeshadows. Before my sleek palette, I only used colours from my accesorise palette which I'm still very fond of. This pallette however is great.

The colour range and collection of pearlescent and matte shades is incredible. Many of the colours have Mac equivilants such as 'Nubuck' is similar to Mac's 'sumptuous olive' and 'Jager' which is comparable to Mac's 'amber lights'. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows are fantastic and they appear exactly the same as they are to the pan. If you're looking to get some natural coloured eyeshadows and are unsure whether to splurge out to Mac shadows or stick to sleek, I would definitely say Sleek as you couldn't buy one Mac eyeshadow for the price of the Sleek Pallet and as much as I love Mac, I won't be buying any colours that I already have in the sleek palette.

The colours that I use all the time are 'Cappuccino' through my brows, which is a gorgeous taupey-matte colour and looks extremely natural and 'Taupe' which is the perfect lid colour. All in all, I love this pallete and now want to buy all of the other pallets in the range *hehe*.

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy post,

Enjoy the blog and stuff,

Lottie x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Hai guys,

This post is a woops for two reasons;

First of all, in January, I wrote a post about my favorite beauty things in January. Recently however, the lovely Alice told me that I hadn't blogged in an age and sure enough, when I checked, I hadn't published the post. That makes it about 2 months since I last posted so a rather big woops there...

Second woops of the post is a small purchase I made at the weekend.

Maybe its quite a big purchase... it certainly left me with a big dent in my purse!

However, yes, I gave in to my temptation and bought a Mac 15 palette. Originally, I had gone in to get something that would brighten up the inner corner of my eye and walked out having  spent a bit more than expected...

I asked a lady in Mac for advice and she gave me the choice between an eye shadow 'Nylon' or a pigment in 'Vanilla' and of course, me being me, after half an hour of deciding, I chose the eye shadow. I thought however, paying £12.50 for a pot with some shadow in was a bit of a rip off, so bought it in pan form, which then led me to buying a palette to put it in.

I went for a 15 palette as its something I can build up over time and maybe when I'm 20, I'll have completed it...
I've already got a plan for which shadows I want, so I'll just have to go an buy them...tehe...

Enjoy the blog and stuff,

Lottie x

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Lush Review: Cinders Bath Ballistic


I haven't done a beauty post in an age, so I thought I'd do one today. Recently, for Christmas, my friend bought me the Bath bomb in the flavor (can you say flavor?!) Cinders. Lush is always one of those shops that I go into, walk around, stare at things and then walk out empty handed. I never really have that spare £3 in my pocket to spend on something from there. The problem with Lush is its cheap, but still expensive. It's GREAT for presents/stocking fillers, but if you're regularly buying something that you use once then its gone, at £3 a pop its pretty expensive. However, I was given it by a friend, so I tried it out and thought I'd do a post.

The retro packaging is so cute!

 There was popping candy in the middle of the bath bomb that went off as soon as it was put into water

The initial smell of the bath bomb was a bit overwhelming and it stunk out my bag for the entire day which wasn't great, but once it was in water, it smelt heavenly. The water turned a dark yellow which was slightly off putting, but the smell was too good! I had initally thought the fizzing would produce bubbles, but it didn't, but maybe that's just my lack of lush knowledge.

It left my skin feeling and smelling great and I will definitely buy this again and probably many other Lush products too as I'm hooked! Expect plenty of Lush reviews!

Enjoy the blog and stuff,

Lottie x

Monday, 16 December 2013

A December Day on the Beach


At the weekend, we went to my Grandparents who live very close to Felixstowe. Even though it was a freezing cold December day, my brother and I decided to walk along the sea front and I thought I'd take some photos. Even though it was cold, it was great fun, but we eventually had to go because we got chased by angry looking swans! I apologise for the image quality, they were taken on my phone's camera.

Have you ever been to the beach in the winter?

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas tree time!


We decorated our Christmas tree today, so I thought I'd share so of the pictures of it! We still have another to go, but I was quite proud of this one. Tell me what you think below!